At Dynamix Accounting, we do so much more than just personal / business accounting and payroll accounting services. We are able to assist any person/company in South Africa with their accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services. Whilst accounting and payroll are our most frequently offered services, we do offer a variety of other small to medium sized business-related services that include but are not limited to:

1 – Bookkeeping Services:
All bookkeeping services as per the needs of the client
VAT Returns
Monthly Management Reports
Ad hoc requirements as per client, as agreed upon

2 – Payroll Services:
All Payroll services as per the needs of the client
Take on or off of Employees
Monthly PAYE/SDL/UIF Returns
Monthly Management Report

3 Accounting and Tax Services:
Company Tax Return
Provision Tax for Company and Private
Private Tax Return
PAYE / VAT Return Only with no retainer fee
Periodic IRP5 recons
Individual IRP5
Financial Statements

4 Registrations:
Income Tax – Private and Company
VAT Registrations / Deregistration
Returns of Earnings (COID)
Tax Clearance
CIPC Annual Fee
Register Name
Filling MOI
Change in Directors / Members
Change in Year End
Change in Name
Change in Shareholding