What We do

At BB Dynamix Accounting  we do so much more than just personal / business accounting and payroll accounting services. We are able to assist any person/company in South Africa with their accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services. Whilst accounting and payroll are our most frequently offered services, we do offer a variety of other small to medium sized business-related services that include but are not limited to:

Accounting and Tax Services

Company Tax Return
Provisional Tax for Company and Private
Private Tax Return
PAYE / VAT Return Only with no retainer fee
Periodic IRP5 recons
Individual IRP5
Financial Statements

Bookkeeping Services

All bookkeeping services as per the needs of the client
VAT Returns
Monthly Management Reports
Ad hoc requirements as per client, as agreed upon

Payroll Services

All Payroll services as per the needs of the client
Take on or off of Employees
Monthly PAYE/SDL/UIF Returns
Monthly Management Report


Income Tax – Private and Company
VAT Registrations / Deregistration
Returns of Earnings (COID)
Tax Clearance
CIPC Annual Fee
Register Name
Filling MOI
Change in Directors / Members
Change in Year End
Change in Name
Change in Shareholding

Accounting Officer to:

– Close Corporations
– Schools
– Insurance Intermediaries
– Financial Advisors
– Non-Profit Organisations
– Credit Providers
– Co-Operatives
– Fund Raising – Organisations
– Lotteries
– TV Licences
– Construction Industry – Grading
– Business Visas
– Business Rescue      

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